Nothing voices better than my paintings, but still some words will help to complete the picture.

I am a self-taught painter, currently living in California. From a very early age I was fascinated and captured by art, science ,creativity and the human soul .

My dream is to build an artificial brain.

Being a physician, ( internal medicine and neurology , a neuroscience and physics researcher, and a dreamer,  is probably the source for such an aspiration. This desire finds its own avenues in painting as in this medium we are permitted to form and vision our own world.

My paintings are primarily oil on canvas, though I do use other media. My work explores a wide spectrum of human emotion from joy to suffering.

In general, my creations examine social issues and problems that strongly affect the individual, often painfully. With the exception of some of the portraits, the people and scenes depicted in my paintings exist only in my imagination, inspired by life, as I perceive it.

I have always been influenced by the human spirit, which I hope to capture in my paintings. As a physician I have been intensely exposed to such feelings as pain, joy, fear, love, etc. while the artist in me is swayed by music, poetry and nature.

My paintings convey ambivalent meanings. With the visual interaction, we are given the opportunity to explore our own feelings permitting emotional discovery. The subjects continuously change, as well as the way in which the themes are interpreted. Each piece is different from its predecessor, which gives my work a unique and diverse character.

I paint personal issues, political and universal themes as well as capturing nature, whose turmoil and flux I try to transform to the canvas and to the viewer.

I play the piano and write poetry .

I hope to continue exploring life , transform it to art, cmmiting my self to contribute and help humanity.


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